Pool Safety for Pets: Important Things to Know

Pool Safety for Pets: Important Things to Know

Pool Safety for Pets

When homeowners think about the safety of their swimming pool for loved ones, they often consider their children and elderly relatives, who could become victims of drowning accidents if they enter the water area alone. However, if you’re a passionate pet owner who has a pool, you may consider your pets to be among your loved ones, too. If so, pet pool safety for pets is likely a concern that you would like to address to make your pool safer.

Pet Pool Safety: How Large are Your Pets?

When it comes to pet pool safety, one of the most important things to consider is the size of your pets. Some pets, such as large dog breeds, are nearly as big as humans. If you own these types of canines, you can address pool safety for dogs by implementing nearly any safety barrier that’s intended for humans and are designed to prevent infants and toddlers from entering the pool. If you have small pets, the following three points should be considered.

1. Keep the Smallest Pets Away from Pools

Some pets are so small that it’s exceptionally hard to provide any type of swimming pool safety barrier that would keep them out of the water. For example, certain types of snakes and rodents are so small that they could squeeze under a pool safety cover with relative ease. Furthermore, passing through small spaces is something that these types of pets often do in the wild. The best pet pool safety strategy is to simply keep them away from the pool area.

2. Safety Nets do not Protect All Small Pets

In some situations, a pool safety net works well at keeping small pets from entering the water. However, it’s important to remember that most nets are designed to keep nothing larger than the head of an infant or a toddler out of the water. The nets work well for protecting most dog breeds, but a house cat may be able to slip through a space in the netting and fall into the pool. For pets of this size, a safety fence or a safety cover would be a better pet pool safety option.

3. Fences and Covers Protect Most Small Pets

Removable pool fencing that blocks access to the pool, and pool safety covers that don’t have the holes of a safety net, work well for keeping most small pets out of the water. However, because cats are adept climbers, they could conceivably scale the mesh panels of the fence. If you need to protect felines — or pets that are roughly the size of a small, mature housecat — from entering the pool, implementing a safety cover would be a more advantageous option.

Need a Pool Safety Barrier for Small Pets?

A Safe Pool offers a swimming pool safety barrier that works well for keeping pets that are as small as a mature guinea pig out of the water; our pool safety cover. The resilient cover overlays the surface of the pool, leaving no gaps at the edges that allow most pets to slip into the water. The cover is customized to fit your pool based on our inspection of the pool site. If you need to make your pool area safer for pets, contact us today to schedule a free estimate.

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