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If your pool doesn’t have a safety barrier, the water can become exceptionally dangerous, and it can accumulate foliage that takes too long to skim with a pool rake. A Safe Pool supplies removable pool fencing, pool safety covers, and pool safety nets that help prevent drownings. We also supply leaf pool covers that keep pools clean. Contact us today to schedule a free estimate for one of the following:

  • Pool safety fence installation
  • Pool safety cover installation
  • Pool safety net installation
  • Leaf pool cover installation

We provide free installation estimates throughout Arizona and the greater U.S. If you aren’t sure whether a pool safety fence installation, a pool safety cover installation, or a pool safety net installation is the right option for your needs, our experienced crew can offer guidance.

Whether you require a solution for protecting children, adults living with disabilities, and/or pets, we can recommend an option that gives you greater peace of mind about their safety. Instead of feeling compelled to frequently monitor their location or the swimming pool area, you can go about your day, knowing that your pool has the right protective measures in place.

Thorough Site Inspection

Your free estimate is based on our thorough analysis of your swimming pool site, as well as which type of solution you choose: pool safety fence installation, pool safety cover installation, or pool safety net installation. If you also require a leaf pool cover, using a pool safety cover as a twofold solution for controlling pool access and leaf accumulation may be viable, or using a pool safety net and a leaf pool barrier simultaneously could be ideal.

To schedule a site inspection and receive a free estimate, fill out and submit the simple form on this page. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to set a date and time to visit your location.