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When you aren’t using your pool, you want to keep it safe for everyone. Pool safety covers are the way to easily do that. These covers block off the water so that the risk of drowning is significantly lowered. A Safe Pool provides many options for pool covers in Phoenix, AZ, so we’re sure to find something that meets your needs and gives you the look you want.  Our pool covers are made in your choice of 5 colors: Green, Blue, Tan, Grey and Black.

Why Should You Get a Pool Cover?

Safety is often the number one reason why people get pool safety covers — and for good reason. Covers stop people and pets from falling into the pool and being unable to get out. We especially recommend them if you have children, pets, or adults with disabilities in your household or as frequent guests. In addition, a cover also lets you conserve water and keep bugs and other debris out of your pool.

Why Pick One of Our Covers?

We create our pool covers to adhere to or exceed ASTM F1346-91 safety standards. These are the standards that govern pool safety and they are a very strict set of standards. Our covers are also designed to last a long time and come with a 12-year prorated warranty. This warranty covers any material defects or issues with the manufacturing.

Our covers come in three different mesh options so that you have a choice of materials. Each mesh comes in a variety of different colors so you can pick one that matches with the rest of your exterior décor. Because we manufacture the covers in-house, yours will exactly fit your pool so that there are no gaps or other issues. Plus, you can easily walk across them without worry.

To schedule your free estimate of your pool site for a safety pool cover in Phoenix, AZ, or the surrounding areas, call A Safe Pool at 866-651-POOL (7665).