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A swimming pool is a place to relax, exercise, and have fun with family and friends. But the same water that affords these activities can be dangerous for children, adults living with disabilities, and pets, if they end up in the pool without someone there to help. Pool safety covers from A Safe Pool offer strong protection against accidents that could happen when a person or pet wanders to the pool area, enters the water, and can’t get back out on their own.

Superior Safety for Pools

Made from your choice of three types of mesh that come in different colors, our pool safety covers are so resilient that you can walk across them after securing them in place. We customize each cover to fit the exact dimensions of the pool it overlays, so there are no gaps around the perimeter that allow people or pets to slip by and enter the water. In addition to protecting your loved ones, the barrier also helps keep leaves and debris out of your pool.

When properly installed, our pool safety covers will meet or exceed ASTM F1346-91 safety standards, offering long-term protection. Regardless of the design options you choose, you receive a cover with a 12-year prorated warranty against manufacturing or material defects.

For Phoenix and Beyond

Headquartered in Arizona, we frequently supply pool covers to Phoenix and nearby locales, but you can also receive our products anywhere in the U.S. We will come to your location, inspect your pool site, make recommendations, and create a custom cover that features your choice of design. To schedule a free estimate in Phoenix or beyond, please contact us today.