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Started by owners Jason and Tonja Howard, A Safe Pool is a family-owned business that began with a simple mission that remains the same today: prevent small children from entering swimming pools unattended, where they could drown. This passion for protecting children started in Jason and Tonja’s own backyard. They chose a home that had a pool, they had two growing daughters, and they needed to ensure the pool was as safe as possible for their kids.

While exploring ways to make their pool safer, the Howards thought of neighboring families, whose children were at risk like theirs — and they decided to turn concern into a business. Arid Arizona, where homes that have pools are around every bend, was a perfect place to start. Soon, A Safe Pool was sharing a business message about swimming pools that is also one of life’s truths: safer measures can’t be taken too early, or too seriously — they can only be taken too late.

Top Products and Service

A Safe Pool now brings over 20 years of experience to installing customized pool safety and maintenance products that are as reliable as their superior warranties indicate, including:

Combining a professional knowledge of site inspection, products, and installation with a personable approach to service, A Safe Pool has assisted thousands of happy families. Started and headquartered in Scottsdale, the company now serves customers throughout Arizona.

Safer Pools, Safer Families

By increasing swimming pool safety, A Safe Pool creates safer home environments, where children enjoy the fun they need to thrive, and parents receive the peace of mind they need as guardians. If a child wanders to a home’s pool unattended even once throughout several years of residence, having a dependable safety barrier in place is well worth the investment.

In addition to kids, products from A Safe Pool may also help protect adult loved ones, who live with disabilities and share a residence with family, and should ideally be protected from approaching a pool alone. Pets are also often a concern; we’ve built our business with those very concerns in mind. Safety barriers from A Safe Pool require considerable diligence to circumvent, making it exceptionally unlikely that what they are designed to prevent will occur.

Learn About Us Personally

The best way to learn about A Safe Pool is to experience what is offered. Whether you enjoy your swimming pool through the long, hot summer of Arizona, the short, tepid summer of Minnesota, or a state whose warm season hovers somewhere in-between, if your pool needs greater safety for the protection of your loved ones, get in touch with A Safe Pool today.