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A backyard pool with a pool safety fence installed

There is nothing better than having peace of mind near the water. By making and following a water safety checklist, you can ensure your pool is safe.

Why Checklists Work (If Followed)

The Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona supports the use of a checklist for pool safety because, when followed, checklists are a great tool. After all, pilots use them before every take-off, and instruction videos follow their format because by making a complicated situation into a step-by-step process, anyone can follow along. For many people, the hardest part is remembering to use the checklist regularly.

Luckily, that’s easier now than ever. Traditional methods, like putting it on a calendar or placing the checklist in a visible area where you’ll see it are great possibilities. However, technology adds the ability for scheduling reminders delivered to your smart devices simply by talking to your virtual assistant. You can even build your checklist on an app, making your computer or device the perfect way to remind yourself about the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona guidelines.

Creating Your Checklist

These general safety steps help ensure you’re keeping the people around your pool as safe as possible. Here are a few items the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona suggests you keep on your water safety checklist.

  • Make Sure Pool Users Can SwimSwimming lessons for all family members is vital if you own a pool.
  • Learn First Aid And CPR – this can help save lives in the pool area. Getting certified means you have the knowledge to manage minor injuries yourself or serious emergencies until help arrives.
  • Keep Emergency Equipment Ready – make sure your pool area is ready if an accident occurs. This means safety flotations or grab rods are available, unblocked, and prominently marked. You should also have a fully-stocked first aid kit in a place it can easily be located and used.
  • Install Safety Barriers – the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona recommends pool safety fences and pool safety covers, which are often required by civil codes, HOAs, or insurance carriers. Safety fences resist tearing or climbing and have self-closing, self-latching gates. Safety covers are firmly anchored to your pool’s deck and can prevent someone from falling in the pool.
  • Install Anti-Entrapment Drains – make sure your pool has a modern anti-entrapment drain cover and an automatic pump shut off.
  • Keep Your Pool Area Clear -this means that toys, towels, and other items are picked up when not in use. In addition, make sure the pool area is free of electrical hazards. This includes things like exposed wires, phone chargers, or accessories not specifically designed for use around water. Also check periodically for damage in the area that could lead to injuries like loose tiles, cracked wood, or fittings that need tightening.

Stay Aware And Stay Safe

Reviewing your water safety checklist regularly can help make sure your pool is always ready for fun. Reach out through the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona’s website if you’re ready for your safety inspection. If you need help creating a barrier that leaves your pool area beautiful and safe, contact A Safe Pool today.

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