Top Arizona Water Safety Programs and Swimming Lessons in Arizona

Finding Phoenix and Scottsdale swimming lessons can be a great first step toward better water safety for Arizona pool owners, but it shouldn’t be the end of your safety efforts. By taking advantage of the programs and classes in your area, you can make sure you and your children have the knowledge to be safer swimmers and safer around water in general. While they require varying amounts of effort–who really wants to get up early on a Saturday to go to more classes–the payoff is knowledge that could save the life of you or those around you.

What’s The Difference Between Swimming Lessons And Water Safety Programs

While there may be some overlapping subject matter involved, swimming lessons have a different goal that water safety classes. Swimming lessons are dedicated to teaching students the techniques and skills to propel them through the water. While instructors spend some time on identifying safe conditions to look for in a pool or what to watch for in other swimmers who may be in distress, they may not cover broader safety topics. This means a student can excel at their classes, become a great swimmer, and still be unaware of many water safety practices.

In contrast to Scottsdale swimming lessons, Arizona water safety programs focus more on educating and promoting safety-conscious pool-goers. These classes will focus on recognizing common water hazards, what to do when they’re encountered, and valuable lifesaving skills. While they may cover drowning prevention–including treading water or talking someone through a water emergency–they are not focused on the mechanics or techniques of swimming. You can be a poor swimmer and still do well in a water safety program.

Why Swimming Lessons Are Important

Good swimming lessons teach students safe, efficient ways to move in the water. Swimming is an important part of pool safety for everyone using a pool, as it may be necessary for them to save themselves or another. Beginner lessons and lessons for younger children may focus on familiarity and comfort in the water. Meanwhile, advanced classes may work on teaching students the swimming styles they need to be competitive or for a healthy exercise regimen. These are some of our favorites:

  • Infants and Toddlers:
    • Aqua-Tots – This program is designed for children as young as 4-months old. Designed to increase familiarity with water and teach survival swimming, it’s perfect for the pool owner with young children.
    • Star babies – Focusing not just on the child, but the parent as their infant’s chief educator, this program helps both parents and children as young as 6 months become more comfortable around swimming pools.
  • Children Up-To Age 12:
    • Scottsdale Youth Swimming Lessons – A variety of programs offer lessons in and around the city of Scottsdale and the greater Phoenix area. These programs are tailored to age and skill level; that way, every child can find the right class fit for them.
    • Kidtastics – Looking for someplace to take your kids from their 6-month lessons all the way to 12-years-old? Kidtastics is an increasingly popular choice.
  • Young-Adults And Up:
    • The City Of Phoenix – The city offers swimming lessons in Scottsdale as well as other areas of the metropolitan area for all ages and ability levels. This gives everyone access to qualified swimming instruction.
    • The YMCA – The “Y” has always been a place where people could go to get healthier, and that includes learning to swim as a form of both recreation and exercise. In addition, they offer other amenities for adults and children that few other swimming lesson providers offer.

A boy submerged in a swimming pool giving a thumb’s up

Why Water Safety In Arizona Is Important

We get it, it’s a dry heat. This is why so many people like to unwind and find refuge in a swimming pool. While all pools should have safety covers and pool safety fences in place to keep unsupervised children or incapacitated adults out, that isn’t always the case, and no safety system is 100% effective. These programs teach people how to be safe around water and avoid accidental injuries and what to do when accidents do happen around them.

  • The City Of Phoenix – Just as they have Scottsdale swimming lessons for all ages, they offer water safety classes for those age 7 to adult. Students will learn life-saving skills in the water, CPR and first aid for out of the water, and a host of information about general safety consciousness in and around swimming pools.
  • The YMCA – In addition to their fitness programs, the “Y” offers a number of opportunities through both its own offerings and partnerships with other groups in the community. Browse their website or give them a call for their latest offerings.
  • The American Red Cross – Known for CPR and first aid, the Red Cross also has water safety classes and certifies lifeguards. Their website has a handy class finder that lets you find options close to where you live or work.

Make Your Pool Safer

Swimming lessons aren’t the only way to prevent accidental injuries in your pool area. Contact us today for a consultation about your pool area and the safety covers and fences that can help prevent accidental drowning. Keep your pool safe with A Safe Pool today.

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