5 Preventable Things That Can Happen In a Pool When You Aren’t Looking

Pools can be a lot of fun for the whole family, and the best pool safety products help you make sure that fun isn’t marred by accident or injury. By adding safety features like child safety pool fences, you can create a safer environment that helps you monitor your pool area and keep it safer. Many pool emergencies are almost entirely preventable, but no one can be vigilant continuously 24/7/365. That’s why finding the right safety equipment for your pool area is so important.

Mitigating Risk

Pools offer unique hazards not found with most other home features. The majority of drownings for children under 4 happen in home swimming pools, and in one study cited by the CSPC, 70% of those drowning victims were not expected to be in the pool area. Kids are small, fast, and curious, making the perfect storm for overworked parents who find their attention split in a dozen different ways. The best pool safety products help make up for these gaps in attention by lowering the risk that a momentarily unsupervised child (or unauthorized adult) might end up being injured by your pool.

Common Preventable Pool Accidents

Sometimes all it takes is a few moments unsupervised for an accident to happen. These are a few of the most frequent hazards that lead to preventable water injuries.

  • Slips And Falls – Kids love to play chase one another, shove and tag one another, and even wrestle, but around the pool it can lead to disaster. A slip or fall can dump a child directly into the deep end of the pool, which they may not be ready for. A surprised inhalation as they unexpectedly fall into the water can fill small lungs with water. Either of these scenarios can be a nightmare.A bigger threat, however, may be if they fall and hit their head on the edge of the pool. They can easily be concussed or lose consciousness, and end up in the water and unresponsive. Even if they land safely away from the pool, a fall could lead to bumps, bruises, cuts, and lacerations that can end a fun day of swimming on a sour note.
  • Unauthorized Pool Access – If you don’t have child safety pool fences installed, there’s nothing to stop any kid from accessing your pool without supervision. Kids are naturally brave, bold, and often too curious for their own good. A child may end up in water that is far above their skill level, be hurt by pool equipment, or otherwise end up in an area you’re not expecting them to be, hurt and afraid.In addition, kids, teens, and young adults could enter your yard to access your pool if you don’t have it secured by the best pool safety products. While they may be in an area where they were not given permission to be, in many cities and states, you can still be held liable if they are injured in an unsecured poolTwo kids in flotations aids swimming in a pool
  • Inappropriate Objects In Or Near The Pool – Only toys and accessories designed for swimming should be in swimming pools. Lawn furniture, food, and inside toys should be kept out of the pool by an adult. While these objects may be safe to use by kids on dry land, they can represent different challenges to kids already unused to navigating the water.The most dangerous culprits could be electrical devices which have no business being around the pool. Shock or electrocution can happen if water mixes with electricity, and it doesn’t take much of either to injure a child. While battery-operated toys pose less risk to pool users (but may not survive the encounter), plugged-in electrical equipment–like the chargers used for tablets, phones, and computers–or extension cords should stay clear of the pool area.
  • Pets In The Pool Without Supervision – More than just our 2-legged children can end up in a dangerous pool situation. A pool that’s not secured with the best pool safety products can easily allow unintended access to the family dog or cat. Once in the water, they can become tired quickly, and may struggle to get out at the edge or locate stairs or ladders that can help them escape. When making your pool area safe for human children, don’t forget the family pets too.
  • A Distressed Swimmer Needs Help – Even if you do everything right, an accident can happen while your back is turned. Whether it’s a coworker who’s had a little too much sudsy refreshment at your annual summer pool party or a child who becomes tired in the deep end and can’t call for help very loudly. It only takes a moment of inattention for things to go bad.

Preventing Pool Injuries

Most of the above can be prevented entirely or have their severity reduced by appropriate supervision of the pool area, but you can’t spend 24-hours-a-day sitting by the edge of your pool. That’s where the best pool safety products can help. The installation of child safety pool fences and pool safety covers can help make sure your unsupervised pool stays safe and secure. Removable safety fences and safety covers provide a physical barrier to keep friends, family, and pets from entering the water and can be a vital tool that helps prevent accidental drowning injuries.

Made of material designed to stand up to the elements and resist ripping under stress, they’re the best pool safety products to help you create a safer pool environment. Whether you have to run inside for a moment or you aren’t planning to use the pool for a few days, professionally installed safety covers and fences limit access to the pool when you aren’t going to be able to supervise the swimmers. Just ask for people to clear the pool area, and latch the gate or engage the cover. Your pool is off-limits and your guests, children, and pets are safer.

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