Reduce Distractions: Essential Water Safety Awareness & Drowning Prevention Tips

Staying alert and focused while you’re around the pool this summer is vital to drowning prevention and water safety awareness. But in an age of constant distraction, it can be hard to stay focused. With that in mind, we put together some life-saving tips to keep you focused on supervising kids, family, and loved ones around the pool.

Essential Tips for Child Drowning Prevention

To ensure you stay focused, keep these tips in mind:

  • Give Kids Your Complete and Undivided Attention: If you’re the designated lifeguard/pool supervisor when the kids are swimming, ensure you never take your eyes off of them. Limit or refrain from cell phone use completely.
  • Wear Life Jackets: Young children, even if they’re actively taking swimming lessons, should be encouraged to wear life jackets as much as possible.
  • Don’t Let Kids Swim Alone: Never let kids swim alone. Always try to implement a buddy system so that no kid goes unaccounted for.
  • Learn CPR: This is among the best life-saving tips we can recommend in terms of drowning prevention. Check your town’s local fire or health department’s websites or forums for CPR classes.
  • Exercise Caution Around Pool Drains: Pool drains can be dangerous, especially for young and inexperienced swimmers. Ensure your kids understand that they should swim far away from pool drains.
  • ALWAYS Check the Pool First if a Child Goes Missing: This goes without explanation, and should be practiced in tandem with never leaving kids unsupervised around the pool.
  • ALWAYS lock your pool fence and gate: Lock up your pool fence and cover the pool when it’s not being used.

Avoid Distractions Around the Pool

IPad by the Pool

When it comes to drowning prevention and water safety awareness, it’s getting increasingly difficult to stay focused. Parties, drinking and swimming, and even just casual days by the pool can bring their fair share of distractions. If you’re supervising kids around the pool, ensure you’re aware of these common distractions:

  • Cellphones: These are by far the most distracting devices each of us interacts with on a day to day basis, even if we’re not trying to stay safe by the pool. According to research firm DScout, most people touch their phones a whopping 2,617 time every day. This doesn’t even account for people who have to supervise kids around a pool. That’s why it’s imperative for drowning prevention that you minimize or eliminate cell phone use whenever you’re around your pool.
  • tablets, radios, and other electronic devices: While not as addictive as cell phones, these personal devices still constitute some pretty big distractions, especially if you’re using them with headphones or earbuds. It may seem like common sense, but any electronic devices that eliminate your ability to see and hear clearly are immediately dangers to drowning prevention.

A Safe Pool: Your Go-To Resource for Water Safety Awareness

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