Pool Safety During Easter and Spring Break: 4 Hazards to be Aware Of

For kids, there are two great excitements on tap when Easter draws near: the arrival of the Easter Bunny and spring break. The only danger the Easter Bunny poses is making kids bounce off of the walls by leaving them too much candy, but spring break can involve pool party safety risks that threaten life and limb. If you have children who will celebrate spring break at pool parties, here are four spring break pool party safety hazards to be aware of.

1. Too Many Swimmers for Lifeguards to Watch

Spring break is a time when people congregate in swimming pools like ants around pieces of candy on sidewalks. This often results in public pools being filled with so many swimmers that lifeguards can’t monitor a single person for more than a few seconds at a time. If you have a small child in the water, this means you should ideally serve as their private lifeguard by joining them in the pool, or vigilantly watching them, as you recline poolside to get a nice tan.

2. A Pool that has an Overcrowded “Deep End”

During a well-attended pool party, the deep end of a pool easily becomes overcrowded for two reasons: people jumping from the diving board in rapid fire succession, and swimmers playing games where they retrieve objects from the bottom of the pool. The jumble of bodies causes a pool party safety hazard: people forcefully landing on others after springing from the board.

In public pools, lifeguards diffuse this situation quickly by instructing swimmers not to play games in the deep end, and to avoid lingering in the deep end after diving. If the party takes place in a residential pool, these instructions are up to the homeowner. Keeping the deep end of your pool from getting overcrowded can prevent bruises, concussions, and broken bones.

3. No Safety Barrier When Your Pool Isn’t Used

When a public swimming pool closes for the day, the municipality attempts to prevent people from entering the water by locking a fence that surrounds the perimeter of the pool. However, many owners of residential swimming pools don’t have a similar type of safeguard in place.

When children have fun in a pool, they naturally want to revisit the site of the good times, and toddlers may try to return to the water on their own, not realizing the danger they face without their parents present. As a guardian of small children, part of pool party safety is keeping your little ones from entering the water after the party is over. You can do this by implementing a removable pool fence, pool safety cover, or pool safety net that is available from A Safe Pool.

4. Sunscreen Lotion that is not Water-Resistant

Receiving bad sunburns can do more than cause temporary discomfort. Over time, it can increase the chance of developing potentially deadly skin cancer. Before letting your children attend a spring break pool party, be sure to slather them in sunscreen that is water-resistant. Otherwise, a bad sunburn could cause them pain in the present and a health risk in the future.


The famous observation that “knowledge is power” is definitely true when it comes to guarding kids against spring break pool party safety hazards that are easy to overlook. When parents remain aware of the four pool party safety hazards listed above, they help ensure that their children avoid potentially dangerous situations that can make spring break anything but fun.

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