How to Get in The Pool Safely

Whenever you get in the pool, that rush of cool, refreshing water just can’t be beat. However, pool entry is an aspect of water safety and caution that you can’t afford to disregard. Whether you’re a beginner, a diving expert, or you’re just supervising the kids during a barbecue, it’s vitally important to exercise good safety rules whenever you or anyone else gets in and out of a swimming pool.

Pool Entry Ladder

How to Get in the Pool as Safely as Possible

Here are some basic tips to help you enter any pool safely:

  • Don’t dive in head first unless you can accurately gauge the pool’s depth.
  • Use designated entryways such as steps or ladders if available.

Whenever you get in the pool, it’s important to identify which is the deep end and which one’s shallow. In most residential swimming pools, this will be easy to tell. And if you’re down at your town’s rec center or country club, these types of public pools will usually have proper signage and markers that will indicate water depth. If for whatever reason you’re unable to gauge how deep the water is, never dive in head first!

Which Pool Entry Should You Use?

Beginners and pros alike should always consider which pool entry methods to use. In most cases, you should practice good common sense. These are the most common ways to get in the pool:

  • Step in using the pool steps
  • Sitting swivel entry
  • Jumping entry

If you’re at a summer party and there’s a fair bit of swimming and drinking, don’t be overly confident in your ability to execute a perfect dive. If anything, using the poolside steps will always be your best bet. Jumping is also fine. Just be sure to accurately gauge depth and ensure you have as much balance as possible as any misstep could result in an injury on the bare concrete or tile surrounding a pool. If you want to play it safe, a sitting swivel pool entry off of a pool ladder is one of the most common and cautionary ways to get into a pool.

Our Beginner’s Guide to Diving and Getting Into the Pool Safely

For anyone who’s new to diving, it’s best to follow some basic safety guidelines. To that effect, The Red Cross has some more great tips for save diving and pool entry:

  • Always be on the lookout for underwater ledges and other obstructions. These may be hard to gauge from above the water’s surface. However, ledges may be incredibly dangerous for anyone diving in headfirst.
  • Always dive from designated equipment, such as diving boards which are generally placed in the deepest parts of a pool.

The Components of a Basic Dive

To get in the pool using a basic dive, it’s important to have the basics down. According to the Red Cross, these are the four components of a basic head first dive:

  • The starting position
  • The propulsion, or “takeoff”
  • The flight, or “trajectory”
  • The entry into the water

Using one’s legs and feet in a stable, starting position is the key to any good dive. From there, you can employ any number of forms during propulsion (Just watch any summer olympic games to see how detailed and fancy these can get!) However, when you’re just starting out, it’s best to have your body at an angle, with your hands pointed perpendicular to your head. This ensures your body is relatively aerodynamic after propelling yourself off the diving board and to get in the pool water without belly-flopping.

Bonus Safety Tip: Use Pool Enclosures When You’re Done

Whenever you’re done diving and swimming for the day, always ensure all your kids are present and accounted for and lock up the pool area when you’re done. To comply with Arizona state pool laws, make sure your pool enclosure area has a sturdy pool fence, specifically one with a self-latching and self-lockable gate. Also, ensure you use a pool safety cover when the swimming pool isn’t being used.

Life-Saving Pool Entry & Safety Tips at A Safe Pool

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