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Infant Swimming: What You Should Know About Babies & Water

A baby being carried by its mother.

If you’re a new parent who owns a swimming pool, baby swimming may be something you’re already considering. Infant survival swimming classes are widely available. Online videos abound offering instruction, demonstrations, and advice for parents of babies who want to introduce them to the water early. Even with training, however, a backyard pool presents hazards […]

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5 Injuries That Can Occur Outside The Pool

Two pairs of feat sticking out of a pool and resting on the edge.

Swimming pool accidents don’t have to involve being in the swimming pool itself. In fact thousands of pool injuries a year–both minor and major–happen in pool areas without the victim ever entering the water. Many of these accidents are easily avoided with a little caution, an eye toward prevention, and persistence in promoting a safer […]

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The Hidden Dangers of Swimming Cramps, and How to Avoid Them

A swimming pool overlooking a lush mountain

Swimming cramps can be debilitating, especially in less-experienced swimmers who may find themselves suddenly hobbled in an area of the pool at the edge of their swimming level. Abdominal, calf, and foot cramps while swimming are all common occurrences that are part of growing as a swimmer who’s familiar with the way their body moves […]

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Properly Marked: The Safety Signs You Need In and Around Your Pool

A pool padder painted in contrast and warnings not to dive on a pool edge

Pool safety signs are an important safety feature that should be found near every pool. From water safety signs that supply generalized information to more specific signs meant to notify swimmers of important safety equipment, they serve a vital purpose that is too often overlooked. When properly displayed, these signs can help make sure your […]

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Reduce Distractions: Essential Water Safety Awareness & Drowning Prevention Tips

Man Submerged in Pool

Staying alert and focused while you’re around the pool this summer is vital to drowning prevention and water safety awareness. But in an age of constant distraction, it can be hard to stay focused. With that in mind, we put together some life-saving tips to keep you focused on supervising kids, family, and loved ones […]

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Essential Overview: Arizona’s Pool Laws & Safety Requirements

Pool Closed Sign

As one of the warmest states in the US, Arizonans are blessed with pool weather pretty much all year long. But with that blessing comes a great responsibility to home and pool owners statewide. Arizona’s pool laws are fairly strict, and with good reason. Pool fence regulations help ensure families stay as safe as possible. […]

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A Sober Summer: Mitigating the Dangers of Alcohol Near the Pool

Beer cup & pool

Pools and warm, summer weather are synonymous with parties. Whether you’re having the neighborhood over for a barbecue or you’re a fan of all-out blowouts on the 4th of July, Memorial Day, and Labor Day, swimming pools are great gathering places for friends and family. But it’s important to note that drinking and swimming don’t […]