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Kids with sunglasses

Pool Safety During Easter and Spring Break: 4 Hazards to be Aware Of

By Coalition Technologies / March 27, 2019 /

For kids, there are two great excitements on tap when Easter draws near: the arrival of the Easter Bunny and spring break. The only danger the Easter Bunny poses is making kids bounce off of the walls by leaving them too much candy, but spring break can involve pool party safety risks that threaten life…

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lifesaver floating in a swimming pool

5 Reasons You Should Have a Local Professional Install Your Pool Safety

By Coalition Technologies / March 9, 2019 /

Swimming pool safety contractors that serve a large region, or do business from coast to cost, usually gain their wide expanse of operation by offering impressive products and services. Many start out as local businesses, then consistently attract more customers, gradually amassing the robust bottom line that fills their deep pockets today. If you need…

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Pool & lounge chair

Keeping Elderly Loved Ones Safe Near a Pool

By Coalition Technologies / March 6, 2019 /

The elderly can be a gift to their families, serving as a close tie to past generations, recounting decades that others only read about, and giving wise advice. Younger families can return the favor by helping their relatives account for deficits that age may predispose them to, such as the inability to climb from a…

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Cat by the swimming pool

Pool Safety for Small Pets: What You Should Know

By Coalition Technologies / March 4, 2019 /

When homeowners think about the safety of their swimming pool for loved ones, they often consider their children and elderly relatives, who could become victims of drowning accidents if they enter the water area alone. However, if you’re a passionate pet owner who has a pool, you may consider your pets to be among your…

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