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CPO Certification: What is It, and Why It’s Important

If you work in or around a facility with a swimming pool or spa, you’ve probably heard about CPO certification–it may even be required to obtain a pool operator license. The Certified Pool & Spa Operator Certification is a program offered by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance, or PHTA (formerly the National Swimming Pool […]

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Disabilities and Water Safety: How Hearing Impairment, Autism, and Other Challenges Affect Water Safety

If you’re a special needs parent, information on kids with hearing impairment, physical limitations, or autism and water safety can be hard to come by. Most articles and blogs are written without guidance for those who are trying to instill the importance of water safety in differently-abled children. This can lead to a feeling of […]

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Swimming Gear By Age: The Accessories Your Kiddo Needs At Every Stage

A child playing in a swimming pool with a lot of swimming gear for kids.

As they age, children change, so swimming gear for kids changes as they age as well. Toddler pool safety gear may be perfectly appropriate, but for adolescents, it could hamper their swimming or be wildly inadequate to protect them. Understanding where your child’s swimming development is and what will help them continue to grow and […]

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Infant Swimming: What You Should Know About Babies & Water

A baby being carried by its mother.

If you’re a new parent who owns a swimming pool, baby swimming may be something you’re already considering. Infant survival swimming classes are widely available. Online videos abound offering instruction, demonstrations, and advice for parents of babies who want to introduce them to the water early. Even with training, however, a backyard pool presents hazards […]