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The Hidden Dangers of Swimming Cramps, and How to Avoid Them

A swimming pool overlooking a lush mountain

Swimming cramps can be debilitating, especially in less-experienced swimmers who may find themselves suddenly hobbled in an area of the pool at the edge of their swimming level. Abdominal, calf, and foot cramps while swimming are all common occurrences that are part of growing as a swimmer who’s familiar with the way their body moves […]

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Properly Marked: The Safety Signs You Need In and Around Your Pool

A pool padder painted in contrast and warnings not to dive on a pool edge

Pool safety signs are an important safety feature that should be found near every pool. From water safety signs that supply generalized information to more specific signs meant to notify swimmers of important safety equipment, they serve a vital purpose that is too often overlooked. When properly displayed, these signs can help make sure your […]